Il progetto sull’Asinara al Warburg Institute

Scrive Bill Sherman, direttore del Warburg Institute, che introdurra’ la mostra: “The Photographic Collection of the Warburg Institute goes back to the Florentine student days of Aby Warburg (1866-1929). In 1888 he began to collect photographs of Italian paintings and sculptures to assist his interpretations of Renaissance imagery and thought. By the 1920s he had imagined a grand ‘picture atlas,’ an attempt to map the afterlife of symbols and ideas from antiquity Today, after 130 years of work by curators in Hamburg and – after 1933 – in London, its 400,000 photographs map the emergence and dissolution of artistic subjects and themes across the visual cultures of the world.

These narratives of cultural transmission, transformation and decay – and Warburg’s belief in the power of the camera to serve as a vehicle for travel in time and space – make an appropriate backdrop to the photographs by Marco Delogu in « Asinara ». The island of Asinara off the north coast of Sardinia was for 112 years (1885-1997) a hospital, a prison, and a prisoner-of-war camp; now the island is deserted and its buildings are derelict. The photographs in this work were shot at night in the light of a full moon, and show that echoes of suffering remain, but are muted by the beauty of nature in the island.

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